Kingston Stockade FC

  • NPSL owners

    Multiple NPSL owners favor full-season play

    Back in May, an exclusive interview with NPSL director Joe Barone revealed that the NPSL was looking to imminently institute full-season play. Since that time, a lot has changed in the American soccer stratosphere, including the possibility of two Division 3 leagues, litigation surrounding the instituting of promotion-relegation, etc. Soc Takes...
  • Dennis Crowley

    Soc Takes Pod Ep. 28: Dennis Crowley talks claim filing, pro/rel

    Kingston Stockade FC owner Dennis Crowley guests on the panel to discuss his and Miami FC owner Riccardo Silva’s claim filed in the Court of Arbitration for Sports. The two clubs are suing the USSF, FIFA and CONCACAF to force U.S. Soccer to implement a system of promotion and...