Interview with Miami FC CEO Sean Flynn

Miami FC has applied to play in the 2018 US Open Cup.

Miami FC CEO Sean Flynn. Credit: Miami FC

On Wednesday, Miami FC announced that they will play a team in the NPSL. This story was originally reported by Soc Takes. Soc Takes reached out to Miami FC CEO Sean Flynn, via email, to ask a few questions about Wednesday’s news:

Nipun Chopra – Jacksonville Armada has introduced a loan option for players to go to other clubs while paying for their salaries. Will Miami FC follow suit? Would Miami FC be willing to pay for a portion of wages for players that might wish to play professionally?

Sean Flynn – We are looking at each player and situation individually and will try and do what is best for the player and Miami FC.

NC – Will all current Miami FC players be available to play in the Miami FC 2 team? If not, which players will play?

SF – We are working with Coach Dalglish on what the NPSL roster will look like, but we anticipate a mix of current Miami FC players and new signings.

NC – There were reports that Miami FC was exploring the option to join USL a few weeks ago. Were those reports accurate?

SF – The Miami FC’s focus has always been playing in the NASL in 2018.

NC – If the lawsuit appeal fails, will Miami FC release its players after the NPSL season?

SF – Our focus remains on getting ready for a 2018 NASL season come August.

NC – Will Miami FC and/or Miami FC2 be able to play in the US Open Cup?

SF – Miami FC has submitted its application to play in the 2018 US Open Cup. We are hoping to hear an answer soon from USSF on when we will enter the competition.

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