Monmouth Generals FC reveals club details

Monmouth Generals FC

Image credit: Monmouth Generals FC

The Garden State has a new club set to take the pitch in 2018 that will play in a league bearing the same name.

Monmouth Generals FC, based out of Monmouth County, N.J., will participate in the Garden State Soccer League (GSSL) Summer League beginning in the summer of 2018. The expansion side has not yet finalized a venue to call home.

“We did look at other leagues but we wanted to start out small,” Monmouth Generals FC founder and owner John Frusciante explained. “Joining the NPSL or the UPSL is a big step for a club just getting started. We want to grow in the GSSL Summer League and hopefully one day we can take the next step.”

The name of the club and logo are derived from local American Revolutionary War history. Perhaps most famous for the 100-degree heat that claimed as many American and British lives as the fighting itself, the Battle of Monmouth took place in Monmouth County on June 28, 1778.

“It took us a while to come up with that name, because at the end of the day we are picking a name that is going to represent our community,” Frusciante said. “It had to be perfect.”

The team also launched its website Monday,, and updated its social media accounts to reflect the new official name. Soc Takes is an official media partner of the club.

Frusciante emphasized that most of the team’s goals are short-term ones at the moment, and cited a long-term goal of eventually making a “move to the next level.” For the time being, the club is trying to keep things simple and not get ahead of itself.

“We are still talking to local businesses to see if they are interested in sponsoring the club for our inaugural season,” Frusciante said. “The club is not backed by a millionaire owner. The club will be funded by the community, local businesses will sponsor the team and that will help us operate each season. Once we secure sponsors, then we will make announcements on where we will play in the summer, tryouts and a coaching announcement.”

Of course, one of Monmouth Generals FC’s primary focuses will be on not just representing the community, but engaging it.

“(The club) will bring people together. At the moment, there isn’t one thing that brings people together,” said Frusciante of the area. “We want to build a supporter culture, so we have to promote to the local community.”

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