Mayor’s International Futsal Cup: Day 1 results

Mayor's International Futsal Cup

Image credit: Mayor’s International Futsal Cup

INDIANAPOLIS — The Mayor’s International Futsal Cup kicked off Saturday with every team playing one match. Here are the results, as well as the current leaders of each group:

Saturday, Sept. 2


Bosnia 4, Brazil 3
Montenegro 5, Nigeria 2
Guatemala 5, Spain 2
Peru 6, USA 3
El Salvador 16, China 0
Iceland 4, Jamaica 3
Mexico 5, Iran 3
Cuba 6, Japan 2
Costa Rica 9, Vietnam 2
Bahrain, 9, Honduras 8
Netherlands 4, Palestine 2
Venezuela 4, Germany 2

Current group leaders: Montenegro (A), Guatemala (B), Peru (C), El Salvador (D), Costa Rica (E), Mexico (F), Venezuela (G), Netherlands (H)


Mexico 8, USA 1
Puerto Rico 5, Serbia 1
Chile 17, Iceland 2

Current group leaders: Chile (I), Mexico (J)

The action resumes at noon Sunday and will last well into the night, with matches scheduled as late as 9:30. Click HERE for the full schedule of play.


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