Indy Eleven updates: Good news-bad news

The injury report claims another and I bury the lede...
Justin Braun

Photo credit: Matt Schlotzhauer/Indy Eleven

The bad news first

Tanner Thompson left last week’s game with a concussion. It’s a symptom of the plague of injuries that have befallen the Indy Eleven during the course of the season. While his injury is being taken seriously, it’s not a permanent setback. Thompson is expected to return to training next week.

All season long. One blow after another. This Indy team just cannot get healthy. Kwame Watson-Siriboe took a much harder hit against the Deltas in San Francisco. He’ll remain on the injury list for his concussion that seems to have been a greater concern than was Thompson’s. His return is unknown.

Mexican international Gerardo Torrado has shown some signs of aging. The 38-year-old midfielder is being treated for a lower back injury that has required a recent MRI. He was on the stationary bike last week but was not at training on Friday. He is on a week to week recovery plan. The fear for the Indy training staff is him picking up an additional injury due to compensating for the first one.

The fourth starting caliber player that will be unable to go this weekend is Lovel Palmer. There is no Rasta love from the NASL front office. They handed down a two-game suspension for extracurricular activities in Indianapolis a week ago. Indy chose not to appeal and I was told by an Indy official that the league informed them of a precedent for that type of suspension.

The good news

Braun is back! Eleven forward Justin Braun has made his way back to health after missing several games with a calf strain. Soc Takes expects him to start in his first game back from injury.

“The return of Justin is an important part for us. If you remember last fall, he was out for five games and during that five game stretch we had two ties and three losses…The results aren’t on his back but we know we are better with him than without him. Let me put it that way.” – Indy Eleven head coach Tim Hankinson

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